How to successfully handle tantrums, set limits and teach self-discipline so that you can have well behaved children who are happy and confident.

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Do you struggle with managing your children's misbehaviours?  

Do you wonder if there are underlying reasons why children misbehave or throw a tantrum?  

Do you use external discipline such as spanking, threatening, reward charts, bribery, and punishments...and are you looking for a better or more effective way?  

If I told you that some knowledge in child developmental psychology can change the way you understand tantrums, setting limits and self-discipline, would it interest you?  

This free video training series shows you how.
Topics include:-
- A different perspective to dealing with tantrums,
- Setting limits: Teaching children about discipline
- Understanding children's needs: How this will save you and your child a lot of frustration


Who is it for?

- Parents of children 6 years and under
- Proactive and progressive parents who want to learn Informed Parenting strategies

Queenie Tan

Published ECE specialist