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INTENTIONAL PARENTING: How To Successfully Handle Tantrums, Set Limits And Teach Self-Discipline, So That You Can Have Children Who Are Happy And Confident

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Parenting has always been a struggle that many have to face. Some people get it and many others don’t. And the reason is simple…….child development psychology! …..or a way of knowing and understanding young children so that you can learn to manage them with ease. The problem is that all too often, parents tend to use their understanding of adults and apply it to young children and in doing so, they not only miss out on many opportunities to help their children grow and thrive, but they also tend to create environments which tend to bring out the worst in their children. As such, my goal is to educate parents in child developmental psychology and to make it practical, meaningful and easy to understand so that parents will:

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Queenie Tan

MEd; ECE, BEd;ECE, DipT;Montessori

Queenie is an early childhood education specialist, a published author, international speaker and podcaster whose expertise include working with young children, setting up play-groups and kindergartens, pre-school curriculum development, teacher-training, and parent coaching. She resides in Hong Kong with her husband and two sons.

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