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When average isn't good enough...

Supercharging Teachers - Accelerated Mentoring Program (stamp)

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What better way to climb to the next level than to engage a Mentor!

We all have a purpose and personal goals to fulfill.  Most of those goals you can reach yourself, with a lot of time and hard work.  But now there's a way to get to where you want to be...just a whole lot quicker. Welcome to STAMP. 

antonio rillera

I have taken my teaching career to greater heights by pushing myself. I've learned many new skills along the way, and have figured out how to adapt my unique qualifications, experience and expertise to an entirely new market. I now run my own business, and I continue to contribute to early childhood education, and the holistic upbringing of children by writing, podcasting, speaking and mentoring. My reach is a whole lot further this way, and my personal satisfaction, never higher. I am ready to help you achieve great things through my Supercharging Teachers Accelerated Mentoring Program 

Queenie Tan

Author, Speaker, Mentor

How Does It Work?



- To help educators with their professional development so that they can get further ahead than if they had to do it on their own.
- To provide hand holding to teachers so that they will get the help and support that they need to move forward. 
- To break down often complex tasks into small manageable steps to avoid overwhelm.

If you'd like to know if this program is a good fit for you, please head on over to or click 'register' to schedule a Skype interview with me, so that we can start identifying your goals and building a customized development plan for you.



Program Structure

- 12 week mentoring session with weekly Skype calls, 
- Personalized and customized goals to work towards,
- Step-by-step approach to minimize burn out and overwhelm,
- Weekly tasks and accountability meetings to help you move along
- Targeted approach to help maintain focus and clarity.





For early childhood educators:
- Classroom management skills to maintain smooth flow in the classroom, transitions and behavior management,
- Curriculum development and design that is 100% customized to the needs of the children,
- Time management so that you can get plenty done and not have to take your work home,
- Turning ‘difficult’ parents into your partners and advocates,

For educators:
- Writing and publishing a book in 90 days or less, 
- Professional branding/positioning so that you can stand out from the crowd,
- Development/packaging of services that your clients are raving for even before it’s launched,
- Marketing and market research to identify your target audience and to put them through a sales funnel.


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